Firing in America: Firing in Washington, many including a police officer were shot in the shooting during a musical program

There has been another incident of firing in America. This new incident of firing has happened in the capital Washington DC. US media say several people, including a police officer, were shot during a musical program at the crossroads in Washington, DC. The media says that the shooting took place at or near the site of the program.

In the latest incident of firing, several people, including a police officer, have been reported to be shot near a musical program in Washington DC. This incident has been confirmed by American media. Many people, including a police officer, are said to be injured in this shooting in Washington. Details about the injured could not be found.

Police officer’s ongoing treatment, condition stable

A spokesman for the Metropolitan Police Department said several people, including a police officer, were shot during a shootout on U Street. Rescue work is going on there after the incident. Officers are shown helping several people lying on the road. Police say that those injured in this firing incident are being treated. The police officer involved in the injured is also undergoing treatment and his condition is stable.

How many injured in the attack, no information

Washington DC police say several people have reportedly been shot near the intersection of 14th and U Street in Northwest. According to local media, news of the firing first came to light after 8 pm local time. However, the department’s spokesperson could not say how many people were shot during the incident.

Police say an officer is among the victims and they are currently searching for the suspected attacker. Chief Robert Conti is expected to hold a media briefing about the incident soon.

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