Enmity on the one hand, love on the other! Did Nancy Pelosi marry a Chinese journalist? learn the truth

Speaker of the US House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi Amidst heavy opposition from China, her trip to Taiwan remains in the discussion around the world, but in the meantime a photo of her alleged marriage has gone viral, claiming that US House of Representatives Ki Speaker married Chinese journalist Hu Jijin. Although this love story is completely fake.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi's visit to Taiwan is creating a political and diplomatic stir and has already drawn a strong reaction from the Chinese government.

There is a lot of discussion in the social media about the visit of the US delegation. There has been a flood of arguments in favor and against the yatra. Also, apart from America's support for Taiwan, many false claims and fake content are also going viral. Among other things, a story is also going viral which should not be taken completely seriously.

In the viral news claim, "When they were young: Nancy Pelosi and Hu Jijin," a Twitter user wrote this caption on a photo showing Nancy Pelosi and the former editor-in-chief of China's Global Times newspaper together.

DW Fact Check found it wrong

Diache Vale found in its fact check that this photo was made with Photoshop. It consists of two old photographs put together: young Nancy Pelosi is seen in the original photo, while Jijin, seen next, is not in the original, but Nancy's family. The original photo shows Nancy's father Thomas D'Alejandro Jr., an American politician. Pelosi, third from left, posted the picture on Flickr with the caption, "With family as a young girl." It also appeared on their campaign page.

The second picture shows Young Hu Jijin. A reverse image search found a tweet by the journalist himself, in which he writes about his time in the Chinese military ("Unforgettable Years") and shows the same image used in the alleged wedding photo.

Pelosi is much older than Jijin

Both parts of the alleged wedding photo can be traced through archive research and reverse image search. For this, DW also analyzed a forensic image and discovered several color compositions, with a different pixel indicating structure and manipulation. Which made it clear that this is a fake photo, which some users on social media understood as a joke, while many considered it to be real.

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The special thing is that the age difference between Pelosi and Jijin is huge. Pelosi is currently 82 years old while Hu Jijin is 20 years younger than her.

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