Elon Musk, who sold bloat ticks for Rs 662, will buy a private jet for 646 crores, know the features

Twitter post purchase Elon Musk Going to make another big purchase. There are claims that he has ordered a very luxury private jet for himself. It is said that Musk Gulfstream G-700 Jet Will buy which is worth billions. Musk has bought Twitter for $44 billion and has set a price of $8 for the blue tick. Now Musk is buying private jets worth more than $ 78 million or 6.4 billion rupees, which will be delivered to him by 2023.

According to media reports, Musk's new private jet will be a 19-seater which can fly at an altitude of 51,000 feet. The Gulfstream G-700 is said to have large cabins. The private jet is powered by two Rolls-Royce engines and is said to fly 7,500 nautical miles or 13,890 km once fueled. The aircraft has its own WiFi system, 20 oval windows and two laboratories. The base price of this private jet is $ 78 million (Rs 6,449,356,134).

Musk has four Gulfstream jets

According to media reports, Gulfstream's G-700 aircraft was launched in 2019, which is an updated version of the G650 ER. Currently, Twitter's new boss Elon Musk has four Gulfstream jets. His first private jet was the Dassault 900B. According to the report, all his private jets are registered in the name of Falcon Landing LLC Company, which is a shell company and has tie-ups with SpaceX. Musk always travels by his private jet. According to the report, he traveled 150,000 miles in his Gulfstream G650 ER in 2018.

Plan to lay off 37,00 employees

Elon Musk is reportedly planning to lay off 3,700 employees from Twitter, which is half of the total workforce at the social media company. Following the Twitter takeover, Musk has set a price of $8 for the blue tick, which is reportedly expected to be implemented by Monday. However, those who already have blue ticks, they will get a discount for the next few months, after that they will either have to pay the fee or the blue tick will be taken from them.

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