Elon Musk Tweet: You are arguing with strangers here on Twitter… What is the meaning of this tweet by Elon Musk?

Elon Musk Strange Tweet: Twitter owner  Elon Musk has tweeted something similar on his Twitter handle, about which people have been forced to speculate. Ever since he took charge of Twitter, he has been doing something or the other on this social media platform.

Now on Saturday (April 8) he has made a tweet at 4.30 pm. In this, he wrote in English with code language, “You are arguing with Strangers on twitter here”." it means," You are here on Twitter arguing with strangers.." After all, what is he trying to say through this tweet? Twitter users have also given strange answers regarding this.


— Elon Musk (@elonmusk) April 8, 2023

Strange reply to Elon Musk’s tweet

2.6 million people have seen this tweet made by Elon Musk at 4.30 pm on Saturday. At the same time, more than 40 thousand answers have come on this, so 5 thousand people have retweeted it. Along with this, 2900 people have given answers on this. Many people are speculating that this is Musk’s  It is a unique way of telling Twitter users that they will now have to pay for the blue tick that says the account is verified. On the other hand, users have given very funny and unique replies to this tweet of Musk.

User Steve Asher replied. "That’s Exactly How I Feel When My 4-Year-Old Tries To Argue"  User Himanshu Pareek replied, " i’m arguing with my house" On the other hand, a user Nathan Harris writes, "It’s funny, no you’re not! We’re arguing with our house! Fight with me brother!"

User named Rana Ravi Rai replied, "We just waste time arguing with people who don’t matter to us at all, instead spend quality time at work, at home, with friends, family. This will make life easier."

Alan’s style is always surprising to its user. Its hallmark is that only yesterday (April 7) he has brought back the blue bird on the Twitter logo. In fact, a few days back, the blue bird was replaced with a Shiba Inu dog from the Twitter logo.

What did Alan say on Blue Tick?

After all, there is a reason behind why Musk has not fully implemented this decree till now. According to the report of The Washington Post, Twitter does not have the bank and technology to remove the Legacy Blue Tick from the account in one go. It has also been told in the report that teamwork will be required to eliminate this manual verification process on a large scale. 

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