Dr. Angelique Coetzee On Omicron: Does Omicron have low oxygen levels in infected patients? Read what Dr. Angelique Koetzi

Dr. Angelique Coetzee On Omicron: A new variant of the Corona Omicron found in South Africa has caused panic around the world. Meanwhile, countries around the world are taking drastic steps to prevent the emergence of a new variant of the Corona. Dr. Angelique Koetzi, President of the Medical Association of South Africa, gave important information about the new variant of Corona. What effect does Omicron have on patients? Also does the oxygen level in the patients decrease? He also mentioned this.

A new variant of Corona B.1.1529 was discovered in South Africa last week. The World Health Organization has declared this variant alarming. The variant was also named Omicron. & Nbsp;

According to Angelique Coetzee, seven patients visited his clinic on November 18. Who had problems with body aches and headaches. They had different characteristics than the Delta variant. Which was very mild. These symptoms were similar to those of viral fever. This led to corona testing of these patients. At the time, the report concluded that he had a corona. Some more patients came to him that day. The symptoms were similar between them and the previous patients. Since then, she has had two or three patients with these symptoms every day, says Angelique Koetzi. & Nbsp; Symptoms of Omicron are mild in those infected. So, some patients have recovered without being admitted to the hospital. Not all patients infected with Omicron and seen so far have been vaccinated. They had mild symptoms of omicron. Most patients who have been diagnosed with Omicron so far are under 40 years of age, Koetzi said. & Nbsp; This variant raises the patient’s body temperature. Koetzi also said that the features of this new variant are very different from the delta type of Corona.

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