Donald Trump’s arrest can become the root of trouble for the whole world and India?

Former US President Donald Trump is in trouble these days, but it seems that he has decided to take advantage of this opportunity as much as he can. Trump has made a special kind of strategy regarding the allegations against him, which he is using for the upcoming presidential election. 

Actually, this whole matter of Trump has become like a big event for the media. The former President had given complete information about his visit to the media even before reaching the court. Not only this, a T-shirt has been launched on his website, which reads ‘Not Guilty’.

After Trump reached the court, his supporters started buying this T-shirt. According to his office, he did this and collected $7 million in just one day. 

For the last few days, Trump has dominated the American TV network so much that President Joe Biden’s speech on the economy was also put in the background.  

Those who know about former President Donald Trump will not be surprised to know that he can do anything for his marketing and he has proved this by making this occasion an event that he will be  in the year 2024. Preparing himself for the upcoming presidential election.

Meanwhile, the question arises that what are the implications of the arrest of Donald Trump for the whole world including India? Why now it will become the root of trouble? 

1. Former President arrested for the first time in history, democracy in danger 

Elections started in America in 1804. This country is considered to be the oldest democratic country in the world. Whereas India is the largest democracy in the world. But this happened for the first time in the history of so many years that the former President of America or the present President was arrested. Trump claimed before his arrest that he would return to power again in the year 2024.  

He said on the allegations leveled against him, ‘I cannot believe that all this is happening in America. At the same time, his supporters still believe in Trump. After not accepting 34 serious criminal charges, Trump targeted US President Joe Biden, saying that “Hunter Biden’s laptop is enough to expose the crimes of the Biden family.”

Manhattan’s security was increased during his appearance in court on Tuesday. The reason was that hundreds of Trump supporters had gathered in the city. Trump’s statement, publicizing the entire trip to court, and the gathering of hundreds of supporters.

Such America has never been seen before. Trump left such an impression on the public that everyone felt that Trump was being framed.

2. Current scenario of America reminds Brazil of Pakistan 

From the arrest of former US President Donald Trump to raising funds for the presidential election to be held in the year 2024. These events are as dramatic as they are historical for America.

It is surprising to see this happening in America, eager to become the ‘flag bearer of democracy’ around the world. The debate about democracy in America is intensifying, it is becoming more and more public.

This incident of adopting equal punishment to get power is being reminded of Brazil and Pakistan, where even after losing power, the President and the Prime Minister insist to grab it again. Like Imran is still trying hard to return to power and on the other hand Bolsonaro is also trying all the tricks to return to power in Brazil. 

3. impact on the global economy 

If chaos spreads in America like this, then it will be difficult to handle the country and if America’s economy is affected, then the world will also be affected. 2023 is going to be difficult for the global economy as well. International Monetary Fund chief Kristalina Georgieva has already indicated a recession in the US, Europe and China. In the meantime, if chaos spreads in America, it will affect the economy of this country. 

 India’s relations with former US President Trump

Professor Alok Dutta, who monitors American politics, told ABP that from India’s point of view, Trump-Biden could prove to be a better president. This is because after Trump became the US President, Indo-American relations got a new direction.  

Trump has strengthened relations with India during his tenure. Trump has supported India not only in bilateral matters but also on many global matters. Take the issue of China for example. President Trump had taken a tough stance on China during his tenure. Not only this, America had strongly supported India many times on the global stage. 

What is the whole matter 

Former US President Donald Trump appeared in the Manhattan court on Tuesday, April 4. Immediately after his production he was arrested by the local police. Now this whole matter is being discussed all over the world. Let us understand what happened on the day of hearing and in which crimes Donald Trump had to appear in the court. 

What happened during muscle day 

Donald  What was Trump accused of

Former US President Donald Trump is accused of giving porn actress Stormy Daniels $1,30,000 to keep her mouth shut during the 2016 presidential election. Trump had sent this money to Stormy Daniels through his lawyer Michael Cohen. 

According to the interview of porn star Stormy Daniels, this case started in July, 2006. At that time, Trump had not started serious efforts towards becoming the US President.

According to the claim of porn star Stormy Daniels, she met Donald Trump during a charity golf tournament at Tohey Lake, located between California and Nevada. Porn star Stormy Daniels told In Touch Weekly in a 2011 interview that Trump had invited her for dinner and she went to meet him in his hotel room.

Though this interview was given in the year 2011, it was released in 2018. Porn Star’s former President Donald Trump made relations with her in the year 2006. And Trump also paid porn stars to not tell anyone or to keep his mouth shut. 

Was the payment illegal?

By the way, this payment of his was not illegal. But when Trump gave money to his lawyer Cohen, he recorded it as legal fees. According to lawyers for the New York Administration, this is a case of Trump tampering with his documents, which is a criminal act in New York.

Money being raised for the election campaign 

Amidst this whole issue, the special thing is that Donald Trump and his supporters are raising funds for the presidential election to be held in the year 2024. are. Trump supporters are running a campaign that raised more than $12 million last week. 

Actually Trump’s aides released a mail during his arrest that read Not Guilty. Do you stand with President Trump? Please contribute $47 or more to help win the 2024 presidential election and we’ll "not guilty" T-shirts will be shipped for free.

Why the Democrats are silent 

When Trump first posted on social media that he could be charged with criminal charges, since then the leaders of the Republican Party have stood firmly in his defense. In this matter, it is believed that the Republican Party will remain united even further.

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