Donald Trump: ‘Your life is in danger in America, come to Russia’, know who is the dealer of death, who sent an invitation to Trump

Donald Trump US News: Former US President Donald Trump is struggling with troubles these days. Many cases have been registered against Trump in the Biden government and the sword of arrest is hanging on him. Trump has also called his own life a threat. Meanwhile, an international arms dealer has sent an invitation to Trump to take refuge in Russia. 

Russia’s biggest arms dealer Viktor Bout, whom the western media "Play with other’s life" (Merchant of Death), has said that Trump should no longer live in America, because his life is in danger there. Victor said on a Russian state-TV channel, "I contacted former US President Donald Trump on Telegram and alerted him about the danger. I told them that your life is in danger in America, so come to Russia." According to Victor, Trump will not face any problem in Russia.

‘He is in danger only from the US government’
Victor claimed that the threat to Trump is not from anyone else but from the US government itself. He said, "The legal process that has started against Trump in New York, USA, will not be limited to convicting Donald Trump and barring him from the 2024 election."

‘If you come to Russia, you will be able to raise your voice assertively’ 
He said, "Most likely, Trump will die. Therefore, I think it is in the interest of all humanity and especially of all American people that Trump should be invited to Russia, so that he can be given safety and security here and he can speak to globalists, especially those Americans. They can be vocal against those who are in danger."

Let’s tell that Viktor Bout is a convicted Russian weapon dealer. Last year, Victor made international headlines during a prisoner exchange party between the US and Russia for basketball star Brittany Griner.

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