Doha IndiGo Flight: Sick passenger in mid-air, flight from Delhi landed in Pakistan

Doha IndiGo Flight: Sick passenger in mid-air, flight from Delhi landed in Pakistan

New Delhi: Mid-air plane. A passenger suddenly fell ill there. Due to the emergency situation, the IndiGo flight from Delhi to Doha (Delhi-Doha) was diverted to Karachi, Pakistan. Despite the quick decisions and efforts of the pilots and aircrew, the man could not be saved. The airline has informed that the person was checked and declared dead by the airport’s medical team as soon as he landed at the airport. Later the plane was allowed to return to Delhi with the body of the man. According to sources, the deceased is a resident of Nigeria, approximately sixty-six years old. The number of the IndiGo flight is 6E-1736. 

What is the situation:
According to the sources, the pilot of the plane informed about the situation and asked permission to land when one of the passengers fell ill. Karachi Airport ATC immediately gave the permission. Doctors at Karachi airport declared the person dead immediately after landing. The National Institute of Health in Islamabad issued the death certificate of the person. 

Separate arrangements have been made for the rest of the passengers on the flight, according to IndiGo.

Yesterday another news related to the flight came forward. came A man was caught smoking secretly in the lavatory of Air India’s London-Mumbai flight. If he stopped, he attacked his fellow passengers. He was later handed over to the police in Mumbai. The person is of Indian origin but is an American citizen. According to Air India, the person was smoking in the lavatory of the London-Mumbai flight on March 10. He is also alleged to have been severely abused due to obstruction. According to Air India, the man was handed over to the security guards after the plane landed in Mumbai. The whole matter has been informed to the higher authorities. It has been informed by Air India authorities that all possible cooperation will be given in the investigation. According to the airline, Air India will not tolerate any incident that may disturb the safety of the passengers and staff.

A few days ago, a passenger suddenly opened the emergency door in an Indigo flight. When he started to pull, the flight attendants immediately stopped him. The Indigo flight was going from Nagpur to Mumbai. Suddenly a passenger started trying to open the emergency exit or emergency door of the flight. However, the IndiGo authorities said that there was no compromise with what is required for the safe journey of the flight.

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