Diplomacy On Road: These 4 women diplomats of America drive autos to office in Delhi

Some news are such that it touches your heart. This is also one of those news. news national capital Delhi Key’s. Here american embassy Four women officers leave the bulletproof vehicles and go to their offices in autos. The video of these women going to office by auto is going viral on social media. It is not that these women did not get bulletproof vehicles from the government but they gave it up and preferred to go to office by auto rickshaw.

The names of these four women are NL Mason, Ruth Holmberg, Sharin J Kitterman and Jennifer Bywaters. When these four have been asked why they are doing this. In response to this, what these women of America said is really heart touching. These women say that they like to drive autos. Through this, she wants to give a message to the common people that American officials also live like common people.

Women get inspired by me - Mason

These women say that they have chosen this method to set an example. Talking to news agency ANI, NL Mason said that he had never driven clutch vehicles before. I have driven automatic vehicles from the beginning. Driving an auto in India was a new experience. At the same time, Ruth Holmberg said that she likes to drive auto. I also go to the market by this.

He further said that women get inspired after seeing me. At the same time, on the question of working in diplomacy, Holmberg said that diplomacy means meeting people. Getting to know them and building a relationship with them. I meet people every day. Diplomacy is not at a high level for me.

Sometimes you have to think out of the box - Jennifer

Apart from this, Indian-origin American diplomat Sharin J Kitterman said that she has a pink colored auto. Kitterman was born in Karnataka. His auto has flags of both America and India. He has US citizenship. He also said that he likes to drive an auto. At the same time, Jennifer Bywaters said that she enjoys driving an auto. Earlier I used to go to office with Mason in the auto. Later I bought myself an auto. He said that sometimes you have to think out of the box.

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