DGCA Guidelines: DGCA’s new guidelines for overseas travelers; 14 days self declaration unavoidable

DGCA Guidelines: New variant of Corona Omicron has increased the pressure on the world. Countries around the world have begun to take measures in view of the threat posed by Omicron. Similarly, India has decided to take important steps in view of the growing threat of Omicron. Meanwhile, DGCA has issued new guidelines for international flights to India. According to the new guidelines, passengers will have to give a 14-day self-declaration. & Nbsp;

What are DGCA guidelines:

1. Passengers are required to submit a 14-day self-declaration on the Air Facility Portal. That is, it will be mandatory for travelers to provide information about the places they have visited before arriving in India. & Nbsp;

2. Passengers need to provide complete information for contact tracing.

3. There should be a separate RTPCR facility at the airport where passengers can be tested.

4. Special care must be taken to ensure proper adherence to the Covid Protocol.

Meanwhile, , is believed to have spread from South Africa. Omicron has raised concerns around the world. Many countries have also banned flights from South Africa. The United States has banned US citizens from traveling to South Africa and seven other African countries since Monday over a new version of the Covid-19. & Nbsp;

Central Government issues revised guidelines

The new variant of the Corona has raised eyebrows in the world. The whole country is in terror because of the new variant Omicron. After Omicron patients were found in many countries, each country has started to be vigilant. Many countries have issued guidelines on the background of Omicron. The central government has also issued revised guidelines in the wake of the new variant of the Corona. According to the revised guidelines, corona testing at the airport will also be mandatory for people from high-risk countries who have been & nbsp; vaccinated. & Nbsp;

Citizens coming from countries at risk of infection will be required to test the corona 72 hours before starting their journey to India. Also, the corona will have to be tested again after arriving at the airport in India. Individuals who test positive will be quarantined. They will also be treated according to the Clinical Management Protocol.

Omicron threat, alert in Mumbai; Municipalities ready to prevent the virus

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