Demonstrations, violence in the Netherlands against new rules related to corona virus

The Hague, Nov 20 (AP) Violence in Rotterdam on Friday night against the government’s plan to bar people who have not been vaccinated in the Netherlands has opened fire to warn the police after some people were injured.

Police tweeted that “some people have been injured due to gunfire” during the violent protests. Police used water cannons to disperse the rioters from the main road.

Netherlands broadcaster NOS broadcast a video available on social media that shows a man being shot in Rotterdam.

Police tweeted, “It is not yet clear who shot the person and how.”

Police said on Friday night that the situation in the city center of Rotterdam was still tense and that a heavy police force had been deployed. He told that a dozen rioters have been arrested and more people are yet to be arrested.

A total of seven people, including police officers, were injured, police said. He tweeted that the rioters started arson and the authorities had to close the main railway station in the city.

The government said it wants to introduce a law allowing businesses to limit the country’s coronavirus pass system to only those who have been fully immunized or have recovered from COVID-19.


Mansi Simmi



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