Demonstrations again in front of Indian mission in London, Khalistanis got support of Kashmiri separatists

Demonstrations again in front of Indian mission in London, Khalistanis got support of Kashmiri separatists

London: A small group of protesters staged a sporadic protest outside the Indian High Commission in the UK capital London amid tight security on Thursday. The protesters carried pro-Khalistan posters and banners in support of Kashmiri separatist leaders. Protests are being planned in the UK and US for a few days now under the Punjab Under Siege social media campaign. The Metropolitan Police said it was aware of planned protests and was fully prepared to prevent any disorder.

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Metropolitan Police issued a statement

A spokesperson for the Metropolitan Police said police were aware of planned protests outside the Indian High Commission this week and stood ready to respond to any crime or disorder. Several police officers can be seen patrolling the area and a police van is stationed outside India House. The protesters were once again stopped near the barricades in front of the Indian mission.

British Prime Minister aware of Indian High Commission’s security review

Prime Minister Rishi Sunak is aware of India’s security concerns following violent clashes at the Indian mission in London and security arrangements are being reviewed, Downing Street said on Thursday. Britain’s Foreign Secretary James Cleverley announced a review of security arrangements in a statement last week after pro-Khalistan flag-waving protesters tried to remove the tricolor and damaged windows at India House.

Claimed to increase the security of the Indian mission

The UK Foreign Office has since been conducting a review of security arrangements at the diplomatic mission with the Metropolitan Police. Sunak’s spokesman told a press conference in ‘Downing Street’ that consultations are being held by the Foreign Office with our police in the UK and our Indian counterparts. The Prime Minister has not been directly involved in this, but he is aware of these discussions.

UK wants FTA with India

Asked whether the issue is likely to affect the India-UK Free Trade Agreement (FTA) talks, which are now in their eighth round of talks, the spokesperson said the two issues are unrelated and trade talks with India are on. Is. Both sides wish to see better relations between our two countries. On security arrangements, we expressed our concern about the scenes witnessed outside the High Commission and the same is being reviewed, he said.

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