Deloitte Worker Sacked: Deloitte sacks worker for praising Hitler on social media

Deloitte Worker Sacked: Deloitte sacks worker for praising Hitler on social media

New Delhi : German Dictator Adolf Hitler "Natural visionary" said That too on social media. Internationally renowned consulting firm Deloitte fired an employee for that ‘responsibility’. All-India news media Hindustan Times reports.

Nirav Mehrotra, Associate Director of Deloitte’s Risk Advisory Department. He made a post on LinkedIn last week. In it he writes, he has read a book written by Lawrence Rees. The name of the book is The Dark Charisma of Adolf Hitler. He said, if you search Google about this ruler, you will see that he "dictator" And "very arrogant" It is mentioned that he was. 

Although Malhotra mentions some of Hitler’s inherent qualities. With this he commented, ‘We should all learn from him.’ He also said, ‘This German ruler was a kind  "Natural visionary" people Fascinating speaker, very confident, very intelligent and very active.’

His post was criticized by several Twitter users. They questioned why Deloitte hired such an employee. In the face of heavy criticism, Mehrotra wrote an open letter, apologizing for his post. “He didn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings,” he said. Such is the news according to the report of Moneycontrol.

Nirab’s statement, "My mentors/bosses/coaches have always taught me that if I make a mistake, I should have the ability to admit it. So I came forward to apologize for my post and I will not write anything about such people in future." Mehrotra later deleted the old post.

In a press statement, a Deloitte spokesperson said, "A certain person who joined our organization last month shared his opinion on social media. His opinion is not compatible with our opinion and he has violated our internal policy This employee no longer works for  Deloitte India." 

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