DART Mission: Earth’s ‘keeper’ in space! NASA’s ‘Mission Dart’ successful; The impact of the spacecraft changed the orbit of the asteroid

Nasa DART Mission : To prevent the destruction of Earth ‘DART Mission’ (DART Mission) has been successfully implemented. Under this mission, NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Spacecraft (Double Asteroid Redirection Test) has hit a meteorite. NASA has brought about the collision between Dimorphos asteroid and spacecraft moving in space. If an asteroid hits the earth in space, it can pose a great threat to the earth. Collisions of such meteorites or asteroids can lead to the destruction of the earth. Efforts are being made by NASA to prevent this. Part of it was a test. So this mission of NASA was very important and it has been successful. The Dart spacecraft collided with an asteroid called Dimorphos. 

The asteroid that hit the Dart spacecraft had a length of 169 meters. The impact helped change the direction and speed of the asteroid. With the success of this mission of the American space agency NASA, dangerous asteroids coming towards the Earth in the future can be destroyed or their direction can be changed.

Help to destroy asteroids in the future

NASA successfully launched this mission early this morning. Dart spacecraft collided with asteroid Dimorphos on September 27, 2022 at 4.45 am IST. NASA’s spacecraft has been destroyed in this. But NASA has succeeded in changing the speed and direction of the asteroid. NASA has made this historic achievement. 

Don’t want to miss a thing? Watch the final moments from the #DARTMission on its collision course with asteroid Dimporphos. pic.twitter.com/2qbVMnqQrD

— NASA (@NASA) September 26, 2022

NASA space agency has successfully conducted a test to save Earth from an asteroid. It was named Dart Mission. This is the first time that a Planetary Defense System (DART) mission has been successfully completed. This can be leveraged to destroy any asteroid in the future. NASA has discovered 8000 Near Earth Objects (NEO) orbiting near Earth. This asteroid is an asteroid that can destroy the earth if it hits the earth.  

What is Dart Mission? (What is Dart Mission) 

Earth is in great danger from asteroids moving in space. The American space agency NASA wanted to test whether it could change the direction of a dangerous asteroid coming towards Earth. For this, NASA took up the Dart missile. Under that, the first double asteroid redirection test has been successful. Every day many small and large asteroids enter the orbit of our earth. Most of these are destroyed by atmospheric friction. But many asteroids still exist in space, which are dangerous for Earth. Efforts are being made by NASA to destroy these asteroids. This is an important step in that regard.

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NASA DART Mission : Mission to save Earth successful! NASA’s spacecraft hit an asteroid

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