Covid-19 Pandemic: Germany’s Health Minister’s Warning Amidst Rising Kovid Cases, Said- Jabbed, Cured Or Dead

Covid Wave In Europe: Amid rising Covid-19 cases in Europe, the citizens of Germany were given a stern warning by their health minister on Monday. Talking to reporters, the Health Minister said," By the end of winter this year, the situation in Germany will be that either the person will have been vaccinated, or he will be free from Kovid-19 or he will die. According to official figures released in the country on Monday, more than 30,000 new cases of corona virus infection have been reported in Germany in the last 24 hours. This is about 50 percent more than the new cases reported last week. It is feared that the death toll due to corona virus infection in the country will cross 1,00,000 this week. 

Hospitals have warned that the ICU capacity is almost full and some patients have to be shifted to other clinics. Health Minister Jens Spahn urged German citizens to get vaccinated, if they had received their first dose six months earlier, with a booster dose to reduce the risk of serious illness. Chancellor Angela Merkel warned that the current Kovid restrictions are not enough. According to the German Health Department, “We have almost double the number of Kovid infection cases every 12 days."

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