Covid-19: Corona was spread not by bats, but by this animal, the strongest proof found

Covid-19: Corona was spread not by bats, but by this animal, the strongest proof found

Coronavirus Origin: How and from where the covid epidemic originated, it remains a mystery to scientists even today. The World Health Organization (WHO) is concerned about the mystery of the origin of Covid. Meanwhile, a team of scientists has made a new claim. Actually, they claim that the Kovid virus can be spread by infected raccoon dogs. These are sold illegally at a seafood market in Wuhan, China. 

According to the claim, a team of scientists, who had been working on the origin of the corona for a long time. He has confirmed this in 2020 after collecting genetic data form swabs from the Wuhan Seafood Wholesale Market and nearby areas. Swabs were taken from the floors, walls, carts and cages used to transport the animals, the report said.

Claim of spreading corona from raccoon dog 

Research found that people who were infected with the Kovid virus had genetic material from animals including raccoon dogs. Even though this does not confirm whether the raccoon dogs were infected or not. Research has also claimed that Corona virus spreads through wild animals. 

This research team was led by three researchers (Christian Anderson, Michael Verbe and Edward Holmes). The report states that the data was posted from GISAID, an open-access genomic database. After this, scientists from North America, Australia and Europe downloaded and analyzed it.  

China has been accused before

Significantly, the investigation agencies around the world consider China responsible for the origin of Corona. It is claimed that this virus was made in China’s Wuhan lab. However, China has been consistently rejecting these allegations. Recently, the World Health Organization has expressed its moral responsibility to solve the mystery of the origin of Corona. It is also mentioned that we are committed to solving this unresolved issue. 

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