Coronavirus Cases: China’s absurd reply on asking for data of Corona epidemic, said- WHO should not become a tool of another country

Coronavirus Cases in India: The World Health Organization (WHO)  has once again put pressure on China to share data about the origin of the coronavirus. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said that China has not shared information about Corona with us, due to which all hypotheses are hanging in the balance with half-incomplete figures. In response to this statement of the World Health Organisation, China had demanded an impartial inquiry into seeking information from the WHO. Apart from this, China’s health official Shen Hongbing warned the WHO to avoid politics regarding the origin of the virus so that it does not become dust of other countries. 

There are many theories about the corona virus
According to media information, many reports have said that the virus originated from China. Also, many people allege that Wuhan has a big animal market where bats and other animals are sold in the open, due to which it was born. Apart from this, many reports claimed that this virus originated from the same place. Although a team from the World Health Organization also visited the spot, it did not publish any concrete report against Beijing. Also, many times China has also rejected these reports. 

WHO’s Dr. Maria Van Kerkhov said that no specific answers have been found on the origin from the new Chinese information. He said that WHO is now working with scientists to find out more about the early 2019 cases. Earlier in February, the United States Department of Energy re-evaluated the leak theory and claimed that the virus was leaked from a lab in Wuhan city of China in 2019. At the same time America claimed that  China "Intentionally" Not told, due to which crores of people died all over the world. 

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