Coronavirus: Beware! Corona virus is affecting the brain, the risk of ‘these’ serious diseases

Corona Treatment : Corona virus (Coronavirus) has wreaked havoc in the country and the world for the past two years. Thousands of patients lost their lives due to Corona Virus Delta and Omicron variants. Many patients died due to corona in India too. Now once again, an outbreak of Corona is seen in China, which is considered to be the origin of Corona. On the one hand, while the threat of Corona continues, on the other hand, alarming information regarding the Corona virus has come to light. According to a study, corona virus affects the brain, due to which patients are facing many brain related diseases. 

Corona virus affects the brain

A research has revealed a great deal of information regarding post covid effect. In this research, the changes in the patient’s body and its effect on the body were studied after getting corona. A worrying thing has come to light in this. According to studies, corona virus affects the brain of patients. Corona virus causes some small changes in the brain of the patient. Due to this, people are falling prey to many diseases. According to doctors, it is necessary to follow his protocol to prevent the covid virus.

Small changes in the brain due to corona 

A new study has revealed that the corona virus can cause many changes in the brain in the long run. Researchers from the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) used a special MRI machine to study post-Covid outcomes. Then came the shocking result. This type of imaging machine is also used to detect many neurological conditions such as microbleeds, brain tumors and strokes, the researchers said.

Depression and anxiety levels

Babies born during covid have difficulty speaking

Meanwhile, according to another research, babies born during the Covid era have also been affected by Corona. According to this study, the communication skill of the baby born during the covid period is very weak. Due to this, the babies born during the covid period were having difficulty in speaking. In this research, it was found that the development of the nervous system was slow in the babies born during the Corona period. So this affected their ability to speak. 

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