Corona Europe Update: Corona could kill 6 million people in Europe by March! Why the terrible infection again?

London: Corona could kill 6 million people in Europe between March and April! The World Health Organization (WHO) fears so. So far, more than 1.5 million people have died in Corona in Europe. The situation in Russia is even more dire. More than 32,000 people have died in the last 28 days in Corona. The regional head of the World Health Organization told the BBC on Saturday that they were particularly concerned about coronary heart disease in Europe. Whose fear, & nbsp; The daily death toll stands at 4,200 & ndash; which is almost double the daily death toll of last September. On the other hand, the total death toll in the whole of Europe, including the United Kingdom, has already exceeded 1.5 million. & Nbsp;


The Corona situation in Eurog is & lsquo; terrible & rsquo; Says WHO. According to Hu, in 25 of the 53 European countries, the Corona situation is & lsquo; extremely worrying & rsquo ;. The World Health Organization (WHO) fears that the death toll could rise to more than 600,000 by early March next year. In this regard, the doctor Deeptendra Sarkar said, "There is a strong reluctance to vaccinate in Europe and Eastern Europe. That is why the incidence of corona has increased here. At the same time there is reluctance to wear masks."& nbsp;
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Don’t be scared again? Millions could die in Europe between March and April! Concerns WHO

Europe again became the epicenter of the epidemic. Austria locks down again this week & nbsp; Applied. This is the fourth time the country has announced a lockdown since the Corona outbreak began. The new lockdown will be effective till December 12. Last week, Austria passed a law mandating corona vaccination. The law is effective from February.

Experts think, & nbsp; The reason for the increase in the number of infections is the uncontrolled transmission of the Delta variant. & Nbsp; & nbsp; Outbreaks appear to be exacerbated during the WHO, due to the weakening of preventive measures such as wearing masks and physical distance from the summer. At the end of winter and in autumn there are more and more gatherings at home in Europe. & Nbsp; Meanwhile, a large portion of the population has not yet been vaccinated. So the risk is increasing. & Nbsp;

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