Corona Cases in Czech Republic: Corona cases are increasing in Czech Republic, the government extended the ban by 30 days

Corona Cases in Czech Republic: The Czech government on Thursday ordered the closure of bars and clubs at 10 pm in view of the new strain of Corona. Apart from this, Christmas markets have been banned in an attempt to prevent the spread of corona infection there. Actually a new variant of corona virus has been found in South Africa. It is said to be very dangerous. In such a situation, Britain has canceled flights to 6 African countries and all countries have started trying to prevent the spread of the new virus at their level. 

New restrictions imposed in the Czech Republic Also includes a maximum attendance of 1,000 people at all culture and sports events. According to the officials, the main purpose of imposing these restrictions is to save the country from the lockdown. In fact, 25,000 new cases of corona infected were reported in the check on Tuesday. This number of infected is third in the world after Slovakia and Austria. That is, after Slovakia and Austria, the highest number of cases are coming from the Czech Republic. 

daily infections may increase 

Health Minister Adam Wojtek said daily infections and hospitalizations could increase, but the government hopes the new measures will prevent the need for a lockdown. Wojtek said after the government declared a 30-day emergency to implement the measures, "After these new rules, let us see for 10 days how much corona cases come down. If there is improvement in the matter then these rules will be extended further." 

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