Communist Party Of China: What is the reason behind the disappearance of eminent people in China?

Communist Party Of China: After the disappearance of tennis player Peng Shuai, who made sexual harassment allegations against a former Communist Party official in China, there have been several cases in which political People from different regions, dissatisfied, went missing after criticism from the government. These include people from the entertainment world, top businessmen and other such people who did not listen to the officials of the ruling party. 

What happened to tennis player Peng Shuai?

Tennis’ top player Peng Shuai alleged that she was sexually harassed by Zhang Gaoli, a former vice president and member of the Communist Party’s most powerful Politburo Standing Committee. Chinese authorities paid no direct attention to online allegations by Grand Slam doubles champion Peng for the first two weeks. Former world number one Peng (35), who won the women’s doubles at Wimbledon in 2013 and the French Open in 2014, has also participated in the Olympics thrice. The Winter Games are to begin in Beijing on February 4, and Peng’s disappearance is a hot topic of discussion.

Peng wrote in a lengthy social media post on November 2 that Zhang tried to forcibly have a physical relationship with her three years ago while she repeatedly denied him. Soon removed from his verified account. Screenshots of this sensational allegation spread on the Internet in China. 

What is the reason behind the disappearance of people in China?

China to say ‘law-driven’ The nation is there but ultimately the hold on the country is with the Communist Party. There the news of people’s disappearance is suppressed behind closed doors due to the control of the press and social media. Due to the control of the press, it is possible for the officials to do this. It is worth noting that even before Peng, many famous people suddenly went missing. 

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