Climate summit in Glasgow last chance to save Earth: Prince Charles

Rome, Oct 31 (AP) Prince Charles has urged world leaders to heed the desperate appeals of children who will face the effects of climate change.

He said the UN climate summit, which began in Glasgow, Scotland, on Sunday is “truly the last chance to save the earth”.

Charles told the G20 leaders meeting in Rome that he had a responsibility for future generations.

He said, “It is not impossible to hear the voice of those children who consider you to be the savior of the earth, the responsibility of their future is in your hands.”

“Governments should take the lead, but the key to the solution we seek lies with the private sector,” said Charles, an advocate of environmental protection. ”

Charles is due to welcome the G20 leaders to the Glasgow COP-20 summit on Monday. His mother, Queen Elizabeth II (95), was supposed to attend, but doctors have advised him to take rest.


Subhash Naresh



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