‘China’s antics worsened bilateral relations, violated agreements’, S Jaishankar’s statement

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‘China’s antics worsened bilateral relations, violated agreements’, S Jaishankar’s statement


  • India-China bilateral relations going through a bad phase: S Jaishankar
  • ‘China violated agreements, it has no explanation’
  • Tension between the two countries over Ladakh situation

Singapore: External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar on Friday said India and China are going through a “particularly bad phase” with regard to their relations as Beijing has committed some activities in violation of agreements, which it has so far “credible” behind. Explanation’ is not. The foreign minister also said that China’s leadership should answer as to where it wants to take bilateral ties. India has conveyed to China that progress in the process of withdrawing troops from eastern Ladakh is essential to restore peace and stability and is the basis for taking forward the entire bilateral relationship. Let us tell you that there is tension between the two countries regarding the Ladakh situation.

In a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Wang Yi in Tajikistan’s capital Dushanbe on September 16, Jaishankar had emphasized that the two sides should take the direction of resolving other disputed issues along the Line of Actual Control (LAC) in eastern Ladakh at the earliest. and in the meantime fully comply with bilateral agreements and protocols. Now in response to a question at a symposium on “Greater Power Competition: The Emerging World Order” at the Bloomberg New Economic Forum here in Singapore, Jaishankar said, “I don’t think China has any doubts about whether our relations will be affected.” Where are we standing and what is wrong.”

S Jaishankar said, “I have met several times with my counterpart Wang Yi. As you must have also realized that I speak quite frankly, so it can be understood that there is no shortage of candor. If If they want to hear it, I am sure they will hear it.” In the context of the border standoff with China in eastern Ladakh, the External Affairs Minister said, “We are going through a particularly bad phase in our relations because They have taken certain steps in violation of agreements for which they do not yet have an explanation that can be relied upon.”

He said, “It gives an indication that it should be thought about in which direction they want to take our relationship, but they have to answer it.” The situation of standoff on the border was created on May 5 last year. Violent clashes also took place between the two in the areas adjoining Pangang Lake and both the countries had deployed thousands of their troops and weapons there.

Tension escalated further after violent clashes in Galwan Valley on June 15 last year. However, after several rounds of military and diplomatic talks, both sides agreed to withdraw their troops from the northern and southern banks of Pangang Lake in February and from the Gogra area in August. The last military talks were held on October 10, which were inconclusive.

Meanwhile, India and China on Thursday agreed to hold the 14th round of military talks at an early date to achieve the objective of completely withdrawing troops from other areas of conflict in eastern Ladakh.


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