China will be responsible for another devastation after Covid 19! Leak started from Chinese power plant, people are facing many problems

China Projects In Sri Lanka: In some countries of the world, the corona-epidemic infection has started spreading again. Coronavirus was first found in Wuhan, China and soon after that it created a ruckus in other countries as well. Now due to China there are chances of devastation in a country again. Actually, China had started a power plant (Norochcholai Power Plant) project in India’s neighboring country Sri Lanka. It is reported that acid has started leaking from that plant.

The poisonous acid coming out of China’s funded Norochcholai Coal Power Plant is increasing the health problems of Sri Lankan people. Apart from this, it can also be dangerous for the world’s oldest Shri Mahabodhi tree present in Sri Lanka. An ecologist made this claim after conducting a survey in the power plant area. The ecologist told that the acid coming out of the power plant can affect the Mahabodhi tree located a few kilometers away, because when the acid turns into a gas, its elements become dangerous for living things.

Acid-leak from Norochcholai plant 

According to media reports, China wants to increase its investment in Sri Lanka’s ports and energy sector. For this, China has taken Hambantota Port in Sri Lanka on a 99-year lease, and it can run any project there. The Chinese company Sinopec will invest in Hambantota and the Norochcholai plant from where the acid-leak news is coming, is Sri Lanka’s largest thermal power plant built in collaboration with the Chinese company. It is being told that the trees around this power plant have already started showing serious symptoms. At the same time, many children living in the area are suffering from skin diseases due to the poisonous gas.

Big trouble ahead for Sri Lanka

Why Norochcholai plant can cause havoc for Sri Lanka, it can be understood that any thermal power station converts thermal energy into electrical energy. Steam generators use heat to boil water in a large pressure vessel to produce high-pressure steam. For electricity, heat is required on a large scale, that is, fire, and some acids are used for this. If acid starts seeping in such a plant, then it becomes difficult for the nearby settlements to live.

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