China Lockdown: Alarming! Lockdown again in China, more than 31 thousand patients in one day

China Corona Updates : In China (China) once again Corona outbreak is seen increasing. The city of Zhengzhou in China (Zhengzhou) has the world’s largest iPhone factory, so Zhengzhou is also called the iPhone City. The administration has decided to implement lockdown in this city. In the last few days, the number of corona patients here is increasing. After this, the administration has decided to implement lockdown in this city. 32,943 new corona patients have been found in China on Thursday. China reported 31,454 new cases on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, violent demonstrations were also held at the Foxconn factory on Wednesday. At this time, there was a clash between the police and thousands of employees. Employees were aggressive due to non-payment of wages. This movement had turned violent. On the one hand, due to the increasing infection of Corona and such protests, the administration is in crisis.

China records highest number of patients in one day

In China, strict restrictions have been imposed in many cities, including the city of Zhengzhou. The Chinese administration has once again started adopting the zero covid policy. Strict restrictions have been imposed in many cities. China reported 31,454 new cases on Wednesday, including 27,517 asymptomatic cases.

Lockdown in many cities

On the one hand, the havoc of Corona is once again seen in China. A record number of corona patients have been reported in the last 24 hours. The concern of the administration has increased as about 31 thousand patients have been found in one day. In this background, the administration has announced a lockdown for five days. Lockdown has been implemented from Friday to Tuesday. The Zhengzhou city administration has urged citizens to leave their homes only for important work. Lockdown has been implemented in many cities in China. Many schools, shopping malls have been closed. It is mandatory to have a corona test report for entering public places.  

Lockdown in iPhone City Zhengzhou

According to media reports, workers at the Foxconn iPhone factory went on strike on Wednesday over non-payment of wages. After that, the movement turned violent. A confrontation was also seen between the police and the employees who came to calm the tension. The violence created a tense situation in the entire area. The police calmed the tension. The Foxconn company issued a statement saying that due to a technical error, we apologize for the difficulties in receiving the salaries of the employees. The company will resolve this issue as soon as possible.


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