China Corona: World tension increased! Corona outbreak again in China, patient increase in India too

China Covid19 Cases : We are seeing a picture of increased tension in the world. In China there has been an outbreak of Corona again. A record number of corona patients have been reported in China in the last 24 hours. Once again, the havoc of Corona is being seen in China. 31 thousand new corona patients have been found in one day. Due to this, an atmosphere of concern has been created in front of the health administration. Lockdown has been implemented in many cities. Once again strict restrictions have been imposed by the government. Many public events have been canceled in view of the increasing incidence of Corona.

Corona’s havoc in China once again

A record number of corona patients have been recorded in one day in China. According to the data released by the Ministry of Health, 31656 new corona patients have been reported. This is the highest patient increase in the last few months. Earlier in April 2022, 29,390 patients were found. The number of corona patients is increasing day by day in China. Meanwhile, the infection of corona is also increasing slightly in India.

Covid report mandatory in public places

In view of the increasing number of corona patients in China, strict rules of Kovid have been implemented. Lockdown has been announced again in many cities. From today it has been made mandatory to show a negative PCR covid test report 48 hours before entering public places in capital cities. That means people will now have to show a Covid report to go to shopping malls, hotels, government offices. Along with this, people have been advised to go out only when necessary.

Schools closed in Beijing

Schools have been closed as a precautionary measure as the number of corona virus patients is steadily increasing in China. The havoc of Corona is being seen in Beijing. In view of the growing threat of Corona, the Chinese government has closed schools in many districts in Beijing. The government has directed the schools to conduct online schools. There has been a big increase in corona patients in Beijing for the past few days.

Lockdown-like situation again in China

Corona virus is once again spreading rapidly in China. In view of this, the Chinese government has started taking strict steps to prevent the spread of corona infection. Considering the increasing risk of corona infection in many other areas including Beijing, the government has decided to close shopping malls and restaurants there. Apart from this, some parks and gyms have also been closed. Many companies have been ordered to work from home. The government is emphasizing on corona testing. 

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