China Blank Page Revolution: ‘Blank Page Revolution’ in China discussed worldwide; What if there is a movement that shocks the rulers?

China Blank Page Revolution: No sloganeering…no violence….however, the agitation which is frightening in the minds of the rulers of China is going on in various cities. This movement has attracted the attention of the entire world. This movement is currently being referred to as ‘Blank Page Revolution’ (China Blank Page Revolution) or ‘A4 Revolution’. But this peaceful movement has fallen on deaf ears of the ruling party. This movement start? Let’s find out..

In China, the disease of the Corona epidemic was rampant. After that, life gradually returned to normal. The Chinese government has adopted the ‘Zero Covid Policy’ to eradicate the Corona disease completely. Accordingly, in those areas where corona infected people are found, lockdown, corona test is being done continuously. In the last few days, there was a big increase in the number of corona patients. After that ‘Zero Covid Policy’ has been enforced. 

Rage among the people

Chinese citizens are frustrated with the continuous lockdown and corona testing. Due to the continuous lockdown, citizens have started asking questions about how we will live. Businesses and industries are coming to a standstill and people’s jobs are also going. There was a big protest a few days ago. However, after that, ‘Blank Page Revolution’ has been added to this movement.

Why use blank paper in movement?

In ‘Blank Page Revolution’ protesters are using blank paper. The ruling Communist Party’s censorship is being criticized through this medium. Besides, according to the protesters, the government cannot arrest them for holding blank papers. Therefore blank papers are being used in the agitation. In China, the movement spread from Shanghai to Beijing and from Wuhan to Xinjiang. Protesters only used blank papers. 

Discussion around the world

This movement which is going on in China has started to be discussed all over the world. Analysts of international affairs feel that this ‘blank page revolution’ going on in China is likely to be decisive. Some even claim that this movement will have multifaceted effects and undermine the power of the Communist Party in China. 

Will China change?

The great pressure of this movement has been created on the leadership of Xi Jinping. If Xi Jinping persists in his policy, a major embarrassment is likely. On the other hand, agitation can also become more intense. Therefore, the world is paying attention to whether the government will take two steps back. 

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