Britain’s proposal on refugee crisis rejected by France, rhetoric intensifies between the two countries

Calais (France), Nov 26 (AP) France on Friday reacted sharply to Britain’s proposal to deal with the refugee crisis along the two countries’ maritime borders. The war of words between the two countries has intensified over the crossing of the English Channel by refugees.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson made a series of recommendations to deal with the crisis in a public letter to French President Emmanuel Macron on Wednesday after a yacht sank that killed 27 people. However, the letter, which went public on social media, was called “unacceptable” by French government spokesman Gabriel Ettel.

As a result, UK Home Secretary Priti Patel has not been invited to a European meeting on Sunday to discuss the problem, he said.

“We are fed up with these double meanings,” Attel said.

Johnson has asked France in the proposal to bring back all refugees who have illegally crossed the border to Britain. Attel rejected this idea by saying that the idea is of no importance in the way we want to solve the problem.

He said the letter made no mention of the issues that Johnson and Macron discussed on Wednesday.

Johnson also proposed the introduction of patrols by British border officers on the beaches of northern France from next week, which France has long opposed.

They also recommended joint or mutual maritime patrol in each other’s waters and aerial surveillance by manned flights and drones.

British Transport Minister Grant Shapps said Johnson made the proposal with good intentions. He urged France to reconsider its decision.

He told BBC radio: “The proposal is well-intentioned. I can assure my French friends of this. I hope they will reconsider it.”

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