Branded lunch boxes offered for return to office, NYT employees stick to better deals

corona epidemic Because of this, there was a situation of panic in the whole world, and during this time a lot changed. Due to this, people had to face many restrictions for more than two years and due to these restrictions the world had to see a period of recession. Now that things seem to be going well, employees are demanding better deals and salary hikes from their companies. America’s reputed newspaper new York Times Hundreds of employees are also demanding similar better deals.

These days, the New York Times is facing huge opposition from its employees. You may ask why so? Journalists working with the reputed American English daily are claiming that they have been given branded lunch boxes in return for coming to the office. When the staff of the New York Times was called, people remained the subject of discussion in social media.

'Want due respect'

Visual Investigation Reporter Haley Willis wrote in one of her tweets, "@nytimes is giving out lunch boxes branded as return office to its employees this week. We want respect and a fair contract instead." She further wrote, "This week also I am working from home with my @NYTimesGuild and 1300 colleagues of @NYTGuildTech with the support of @WirecutterUnion." The Wirecutter Union is part of the News Guild of New York, a union of employees working with US-based media organizations.

Another tweet read, "We stand with our @NYTGuildTech and @NYTimesGuild partners in the battle for fair contracts and strong workplace safety efforts." It is believed that more than 1,000 employees are supporting it.

No contract since March 2021

The Wirecutter union also shared a post by NYT reporter Remi Tumin, showing a picture of a branded lunchbox. This post was similar to that made by Haley Willis and several other New York Times employees.

Several tweets showing solidarity in this matter have also been made. Michael Roston, of the world-renowned US Daily, said, “Proud of my colleagues at @NYTimesGuild who have taken @nytimes to staggering levels of productivity and success since February 2020 and have replaced empty lunchboxes with RTO door prizes. as entitled to a fair contract. Also proud to have joined our pledge for work from home this week."

According to a Bloomberg report, journalists have been laid off without contracts since March 2021 and staff salaries haven't increased in more than two years, despite decades of high inflation and huge rent increases.

Last year, the Wirecutter union said it had reached a settlement with the New York Times after a massive strike over wages. After lengthy negotiations the union received an immediate average wage increase of about $5,000, and the lowest paid members immediately received an 18% increase. The employees were quoted as saying that they were fighting a battle for more than two years.

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