Big visit from India to Sri Lanka before Republic Day, release of 56 Indian fishermen

Sri Lanka to Release Indian Fishermen : One day before Republic Day India to Sri Lanka has a great gift. Sri Lankan court on Tuesday 56 Indian fishermen released . The fishermen were arrested for fishing in Sri Lankan waters. Leaders of Tamil Nadu had also repeatedly demanded the release of the fishermen from the Indian government. Sri Lanka has decided to release Indian fishermen. Sri Lanka has said that no Indian fishermen are now in its custody.

Sri Lankan authorities, as well as Indian political sources, have confirmed the release, saying no Indian fishermen have been detained in Sri Lanka since Tuesday’s order. The court’s order to release the fishermen came as Indian authorities called on Sri Lanka to release them on humanitarian grounds in the wake of economic aid talks.

India this month announced a financial aid package to help Sri Lanka cope with its worsening foreign exchange crisis. On January 13, the Indian High Commission announced डॉलर 900 million in aid to Sri Lanka. A few days later, on January 19, India again provided 500 million in aid. This will enable Sri Lanka to purchase petroleum products according to its needs.

Sri Lanka has एकूण 55 billion in debt from around the world. According to the report, this amount is 80 per cent of the total GDP of Sri Lanka. The largest lenders are China and the Asian Development Bank. It is followed by Japan and the World Bank. India has lent 2% of Sri Lanka’s GDP.

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