Big success in Musewala murder case, main accused Goldie Brar arrested in California

punjabi singer Sidhu Moosewala There has been a big success in the murder case. Among the main accused in the Musewala murder case goldie brar There is news of his arrest in America. According to intelligence sources, accused Goldie Brar california city Detained in. India’s intelligence agencies have got a big input from international sources. Goldie herself is in danger of life in Canada, and for this she is in the process of seeking political asylum in California.

India's security agencies have received information that Goldie Brar was detained in California on or around 20 November. However, till now the Government of India has not received any official information in this matter from the California side.

Goldie Brar in danger of life in Canada

On the other hand, Intelligence Department Research and Analysis Wing (RAW), Intelligence Bureau (IB), Delhi Police Special Cell and Punjab Intelligence have definitely received such inputs that there has been a big stir in California regarding Goldie Brar and they are trying to locate her there. The tax has been caught.

Notorious and international gangster Goldie Brar had made the California cities of Sacramento, Frizo (FRIZOW), and Salt Lake as his safe house. At present Goldie Brar was living in Fresco City, California.

Goldie Brar, a truck driver by profession, was feeling in danger in Canada, one of the reasons behind that was that Punjabi singer Sidhu Musewala has a large number of fans in Canada. Apart from these, all the big gangsters of Bambiha gang and Laureus Bishnoi are also included in dozens of enemies of Goldie Brar.

Seeking Political Asylum in California

Goldie Brar has tried to appeal for political asylum through legal help in Sacramento City in California so that she could not go to India if caught. For this, Goldie Brar has also sought help from two legal experts, in which a lawyer refused to contest Goldie's case when he came to know about Goldie's criminal background. Then after this he took the help of another lawyer.

Political asylum in another country is imposed when you try to show that you have been oppressed in the country where you are a resident and you will not get justice there.

According to the security agencies, this was a ploy by Goldie Brar so that he could not return to India, and for this, if Goldie commits even a minor crime in California, till the trial of that crime is completed, after Goldie is caught there India can also avoid deportation or extradition. Even before this, many criminal gangster terrorists have been adopting this trick in other countries so that they can avoid deportation or extradition.

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