Biden’s bluntly to Putin – do not use nuclear weapons, the situation will worsen

us President Joe Biden to Russia during an interview Ukraine in the war against nuclear Weapon And told not to use chemical weapons. This Biden interview aired on Sunday. A few days ago, the Ukrainian army has driven the Russian army out of the north-east region of the country. the Russian President vladimir putin But there is pressure from the nationalists.

Putin had said on this move of the Ukrainian army that if there is more pressure on his army, then Russia will respond more strongly. Since this statement, there was a possibility that Russia might use small nuclear weapons or chemical weapons on Ukraine.

Biden said - no, no, no..

'60 Minutes' reporter asked Joe Biden what he would like to say to Putin if he used such a weapon, to which Biden said, 'No, no, no, it will change the nature of war as the world Never happened after War 2. Biden said the US response would be 'important' if this happened, although he declined to provide details.

Biden also said that, 'the whole world will sideline Russia even more than before.' He said, 'What will be the reaction depends on what they do.' However, the Russian government has refused to accept the suggestions from the US and other countries. Russia said that if needed, it will also use those weapons.

Putin has warned

In a speech on February 24, Russian President Vladimir Putin said that if we intervened in this war like the West, we would use nuclear weapons in response. Putin had said during this time that, 'It does not matter who is coming in our way, and who is becoming a threat to us. They should know that Russia will act on it immediately and its consequences will be like no one has ever seen.

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