Beijing Air Quality: Dusty storm spoils the mood of China’s capital, air quality index seen at ‘dangerous’ level

Beijing Air Quality: Dusty storm spoils the mood of China’s capital, air quality index seen at ‘dangerous’ level

Beijing Dust Storm: A dust storm hit China’s capital Beijing on Friday (March 10), in which skyscrapers seemed to disappear. Due to this the air quality reached dangerous level. According to news agency AP, particulate matter (PM2.5) was found to be in a dangerous condition in air quality monitoring. PM 2.5 are such microscopic particles present in the air through which pollution is detected. These particles reduce visibility and the greater the amount, the more blurred the vision is seen. These enter the human lungs and blood vessels through breath and can harm health.

The IQAir website was quoted in the report as saying that the air quality index in Beijing showed 1,093, which is a dangerous level. This is many times more than the level considered bad for health.

Steps taken to improve pollution

It was told in the report that Beijing has been known for its extremely poor air quality, but in recent years the authorities have taken several steps to improve it. Heavy polluting vehicles were stopped. At the same time, coal-fired power plants and large industries were shifted to the surrounding provinces. 

Coal-generated electricity is promoted in China, which is an important cause of pollution. This sets back global efforts to improve climate change as efforts to cut carbon emissions fail. Although China is a big investor in the wind and solar sector, but in 2021 there was a decline in economic growth. Due to lack of electricity, many factories were even closed. That’s why electricity generated from coal was promoted here. 

Beijing has been troubled by dust and sand storms

According to reports, dust and sand storms have been coming in Beijing during the spring season. Winds blowing from the Loess Hills and over the Yellow River to the west were thought to be the reason behind this. To get rid of the problem, some environmental campaigns were launched, which have had an effect. It is said that during the Corona period, when most of the industries were closed due to the lockdown and mandatory quarantine was followed under the zero covid policy, the improvement in air quality was seen, which was the best after 2000. 

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