At least 31 migrants stranded in boat tragedy


  • Wednesday’s boat tragedy on the English Channel
  • Immigrants who sailed by boat to Britain
  • Joint defense operations by France and Britain authorities
  • The guard, who has been protected by two migrants, lost one person

Calais: A horrific incident on Wednesday killed at least 31 migrants as a boat capsized in the British Channel. France’s interior minister said it was the biggest immigration disaster in recent times.

There were 34 migrants in the boat. Authorities have uncovered 31 bodies of them. This includes five women and two daughters. The two survived. The other person is still missing. It is not known which country these travelers belong to. But all said they were moving towards Britain.
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The incident took place in Calais, a port city in the north of France. The Regional Marine Authority, which is conducting rescue operations, has found 27 bodies, two of which are still alive. It was first reported that four others were missing. A fishing boat reported to authorities that some people were caught in the middle of the sea. France and British authorities are conducting rescue operations in water and aviation.

People from Afghanistan, Sudan, Iraq, Eritrea, and other conflict-affected countries migrate through France’s waterway in small boats to its capacity. The fortunate ones who survived the disaster at sea reach a different country. Expect shelter and opportunities there. Some are pre-arrested. The number of immigrants in this manner is three times higher than in 2020.
VIDEO: Couple who lost their twin daughters in a boat accident
A joint operation by France and Britain for survivors was terminated Wednesday night. Despite cooperation agreements between the two countries, allegations and countermeasures are constantly being heard to prevent migration through the British Channel. Politicians on both sides are advocating anti-immigration policy.

Four suspected smugglers have been arrested in connection with Wednesday’s boat tragedy. The bodies of the dead have been brought to the port of Calais. Despite frequent police patrols and evacuation operations in the area, hundreds of people migrate to avoid their eyes.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron have discussed the tragedy. All the necessary great options are being addressed to prevent this dangerous migration. Johnson’s office said it was important to dismantle the business model of the criminal gangs that mainly trafficked migrants.


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