Artificial Eye: Now the world can be seen with an artificial eye, 3D Mini Eye will work like a natural eye

Artificial Eye: Now the world can be seen with an artificial eye, 3D Mini Eye will work like a natural eye

Artificial Mini Eye : Worldwide Artificial Eye (Artificial Eye) is created. Earlier, scientists have also created artificial blood in the laboratory. Now scientists can see the world with an artificial eye in the lab. This artificial eye will work like a human natural eye. 3D Mini Eye is called Retinal Organoids. Human skin has been used to make this artificial eye. Scientists from the University of London have invented this artificial eye. This mini 3D eye also contains the pupil and retina. Find out how this mini eye can be used for humans.

How will humans benefit from ‘this’ artificial eye?

According to the scientists, animal cells have been previously researched to create an artificial eye, but this did not yield good results. Now many things can be discovered from mini eyes made from human skin. Scientists are trying to figure out how a person’s ability to see goes. In addition, there is ongoing research into genetic diseases of the eye, which may help in the treatment of eye diseases in the future. According to the scientists, the research on the mini eye will help to find a solution to the macular degeneration that occurs after the age of 50. In macular degeneration disease, the vision of the eyes begins to deteriorate over time.

3D Mini Eye will work like a natural eye

According to a research published in the journal Stem Cell Reports, these 3D mini eye rod cells (Rod Cell) have been created in the retina of the eye. Rod cells are found in the back of the eyes. These cells help a person to see objects or create visuals or images of them. These cells make it easier to see the image. This type of technology has also been developed in lab-made eyes.

To create the mini eye, researchers collected skin cells from a young patient suffering from Usher syndrome, reports DailyMail. Stem cells were created from this. Then the process of making the artificial eye in the laboratory started. In this, scientists gradually researched and created seven types of cells in the artificial eye, whose thin layer can detect light and create images.

What is a Prosthetic Eye?

What is 3D Mini Eye?

However, the 3D Mini Eye artificial eye will work like a natural human eye.  Humans can see the world through 3D mini eyes. 3D Mini Eye will send images of your surroundings to the brain just like a natural eye. This 3D Mini Eye will make it easier for patients who have lost their eyes to see the world.

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