Artemis: Good news for NASA after failing 2 times, rocket passed fueling test

american space agency NASA on Wednesday said it had successfully tested the refueling process for its new rocket. This statement was issued by NASA when due to technical flaws, a few days ago, it had to go to the moon as part of its much-awaited lunar mission. Artemis 1 Mission Two attempts had to be stopped. Now there is a plan to launch again next week.

"Today we were able to meet the goals we set out to accomplish," said Charlie Blackwell-Thompson, launch director for America's ambitious Artemis 1 mission.

Plan had to be canceled due to leak

The unmanned mission is expected to test the new 30-story SLS rocket as well as the unmanned Orion capsule, which is set to take humans to the Moon in the future.

In early September, NASA's last attempt to launch its most powerful rocket had to be aborted due to a leak while its cryogenic fuels (liquid hydrogen and oxygen) were being pumped into the rocket's tanks. Then it was repaired and these tanks were refilled during the test on Wednesday. In which there was success.

However, a small hydrogen leak was detected during testing, which NASA engineers were able to bring under control. Earlier last week, NASA said that Artemis 1 is going to try to launch the mission again. He will now launch it on September 27.

2 October as a backup

Earlier, the US space agency NASA's attempt to launch Artemis 1 has failed twice. However, this time NASA has also fixed the date of October 2 as a backup. NASA will once again try to launch the Artemis 1 mission on September 27 next week at 9.07 pm Indian time.

NASA also plans to perform cryogenic testing ahead of the first-ever launch of the Space Launch System rocket and Orion spacecraft.

"The team will also evaluate data from the test, along with weather and other factors, before confirming readiness to proceed with the next launch," NASA also said. NASA has tried to launch the Artemis 1 mission twice so far and both times this plan had to be postponed.

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