Armenia Azerbaijan War : Azerbaijan-Armenia clash again, 100 soldiers killed; Appeal for peace from other countries including India

Azerbaijan Armenia War : On the one hand, six months have passed since the war between Russia and Ukraine, but the conflict is not stopping. On the other hand, conflict has also started in the countries of Armenia and Azerbaijan. It is said that 100 soldiers died in one night in this conflict. The border conflict between Armenia and Azerbaijan has started again. The possibility of this conflict between the two countries is now being expressed. According to a report citing sources, a total of 100 soldiers from both countries have died on Tuesday night. 

After months of peace, the conflict between Azerbaijan and Armenia has flared up again. Against this background, the Security Council of Armenia has called an emergency meeting. If the situation in both these countries escalates like this, there is a possibility that war will start in both the countries. Armenia’s Security Ministry has accused Azerbaijan of shelling along the border.

Azerbaijan accuses Armenia of military action

Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of military action. Azerbaijan has accused Armenia of carrying out a large-scale military operation in Daskasan, Kalbazar and Lachin border areas late on the night of September 12. Armenian armed forces took advantage of the darkness to plant explosives in areas between their military posts and supply line roads. This prompted Azerbaijan to take defensive measures to control the situation. Azerbaijan has said that this started the conflict between the two countries.

Russian soldiers deployed as peacekeepers

According to reports received, a ceasefire between the two countries was brokered by Russia. However, the conflict between the two countries continues. About 2,000 Russian soldiers are stationed in the area as peacekeepers as per the ceasefire agreement. Russia has called on Azerbaijan and Armenia to maintain friendly relations. According to the Armenian Ministry of Defense, Azerbaijani forces responded with artillery and drone attacks. The ministry said fighting continued throughout the day despite Russia’s swift mediation efforts for a ceasefire.

Armenia asks Russia for help

Armenia has announced in its Security Council that it will report the firing by Azerbaijan to the Russian-led CSTO and the UN Security Council. Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin over the phone and explained the entire issue in detail and asked for help to bring the situation under control.

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