Apple AirTag : Lost dog found by Apple, what is Apple AirTag device?

Apple AirTag : Thanks to Apple, a woman has found her lost dog.

According to AppleInsider’s report, a woman lost her dog in Florida. But thanks to the Apple Airtag device, the woman found the dog in just one hour. The woman’s dog got out of the house and got lost because the house door was accidentally left open. But considering the risk of such an incident, they had already installed the Apple AirTag device on the dog’s neck collar.

The woman was very worried when she realized that her dog was missing. But then the woman noticed that the dog had an AirTag device around its neck. The woman then tracked the dog with the help of a GPS tracker. The woman traced the dog’s location with a GPS tracker. This woman’s dog was 20 minutes away. 

AirTag devices have been used before

This device is designed for lost items only. Lost items have been found using Apple AirTag devices before. Apple AirTag devices recently helped track down stolen cars.

Apple AirTag detects stolen car

According to reports, in June this year, an Apple AirTag device was used to track down a stolen Range Rover belonging to a man in Canada. The owner of this car installed three Apple AirTag devices in the car. So the car owner informed the police about the location of the stolen car by GPS tracking and the police took appropriate action to find the car. The car had been stolen before. So the owner installed an Airtag device in this car.

What is AirTag? ( What is AirTag )

Apple AirTag is a tracking device. Which you can attach to your item or luggage and track that item on GPS with the help of AirTag. The weight of this device is only 11 grams. A small device is very useful for finding your stuff.

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