Antarctica Iceberg: Iceberg as big as Greater London broke from Antarctica, know what will be the effect

Antarctica Iceberg: Iceberg as big as Greater London broke from Antarctica, know what will be the effect

Antarctica Iceberg Size Of Greater London: A giant iceberg (iceberg) the size of Greater London has broken away from the ice cliff of Antarctica, a fictional photo and video of which has been released by researchers. It is being told that the iceberg is floating away from its original shelf Antarctica.

According to researchers, this iceberg named A81 is floating about 150 km from its origin. Scientists claim that the actual size of the iceberg is 1550 square kilometers. This is about  comparable in size to Greater London. It is estimated that it is going to meet in the Weddell Sea, because it is moving with the strong current of this sea.

This video has been captured by the British Antarctica Survey (BAS) during its return to the ice shelf from Halley Research Station. According to a release from the Polar Research Institute, the iceberg is surrounded by smaller icebergs that have broken off from the A81. The researchers reported that the A81 iceberg is the second largest iceberg to have broken away from Chasm-1 in Antarctica in the last two years.

Impact of the breaking of the iceberg

Glaciologist Dr. Oliver Marsh said in a statement that we had information about this piece of glacier. BAS was studying this for the last decade. Glaciologists first saw Chasm-1 widening in 2012. Since then it was being speculated that this iceberg could break. According to experts, when the ice rocks become too thick, then this happens. The melting of icebergs will produce large amounts of fresh water in the ocean, which may make it difficult for some marine organisms to function.

This is the second incident within two years 
It is noteworthy that this incident of breaking of iceberg is the second incident within two years, when a big iceberg (iceberg) has separated from the rock. Earlier this could happen in February 2021 as well. When the iceberg named A74 broke off from the rock. Its size was 1,270 km². 

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