Animal Testing: 11 crore animals are killed every year in America, tests are done to make medicine

Animal Lab Trials : Every year in America 11 crore animals Laboratory tests cause death, PETA has come out in the report of the organization. Some animals are tested for drugs, others for cosmetics. Medicines and cosmetics are tested on animals. Some animals are also treated with poisonous gas. For these tests, animals are kept in iron cages where they cannot even move. Various tests and surgeries are performed on animals. Then in only 20 percent of cases the animals are given drugs to relieve pain. They have to endure many tortures.

What does PETA do?

PETA is an organization fighting for the ethical rights of animals (PETA – People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals). This number works without profit (Nonprofit organization). This organization works against those who exploit animals such as illegal use, buying and selling of animals, animal testing.

Government approval is required for human testing of drugs. But do you know how animals or birds are selected during animal testing? 

What animals are tested on?

Usually every product is tested on animals or birds before it is tested on humans. These include monkeys, rabbits, rats, frogs, fish, pigs, horses, sheep, fish and many types of birds. Chimpanzees were also used for many types of testing in the past, but are now banned in most countries. However, illegal tests are also conducted in many laboratories.

How are animals selected for testing?

Most animals are kept for testing purposes. That is, those animals are brought into this world only for experiments. There are different dealers who supply such animals, who have the necessary license for this work. In addition, people also illegally supply animals for laboratory tests.

What happens to these animals in the lab?

Animals are subjected to great suffering and pain during laboratory testing. Before that, animals face loneliness and hunger. Animals are kept in cages. Poison gas and drugs are used on them. Most animals die during laboratory experiments.

Which country has what law?

Each country has different rules and regulations regarding animal testing. Animal testing for cosmetics is banned in India. In India, Section 428 and Section 429 of the IPC provides punishment for the death of any animal or bird, whether domestic or wild. For cream-powder or lipstick-shampoo, medicine and cosmetics are prohibited from testing on any animal or bird. The government has implemented regulations for laboratory tests for drugs.

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