America’s oldest president hits the beat for the year 2024, why is Kamala Harris a squabble?

America’s oldest president, Joe Biden, is now fading. Biden’s popularity has declined in the latest approval ratings, but he is once again claiming to be winning the 2024 election. Biden is currently 79 years old and he is currently the oldest President of America. The White House, the US President’s Office, has confirmed Biden’s candidacy for reelection. Biden has made this claim at a time when there is a lot of discussion in the Democratic Party of Kamala Harris’s claim. White House Press Secretary Jane Pasky said she would stake claim in the 2024 assembly election. This is their intention. The White House’s statement came after reports that Biden had assured his aides that he would submit his claim in 2024 as well. Through this statement, he has tried to put an end to the rumors in which it was being said that Biden will not contest the election after the year 2024. Kamala Harris will be fielded in her place.

Only 40 percent of voters approve of Biden
A recent Washington Post/ABC survey found that only 40 percent of voters gave their approval for Biden. After winning the election in this way, Biden’s approval rating has been falling continuously. That too when the issue of inflation and supply chain remains in the country. When Biden enters the election in the year 2024, his age will increase to 82 years and he will not be able to campaign fiercely. Analysts believe that Biden’s announcement is an attempt to put water on the claims of Kamala Harris and other candidates. Former Senator Christopher Dodd, a close friend of Biden, said: “From what I’ve heard he is planning to run for re-election. I am happy that he is contesting the elections. Actually, in the year 2022, mid-term elections are going to be held for the entire House of Representatives and one-third of the members of the Senate. Right now both of them are occupied by the Democratic Party.

The market of speculation about the succession between both the parties heated up
In the political circles, it is believed that Kamala Harris will not be able to get the nomination of the party. The reason for this is that Kamala Harris could not win a single delegate in the race for the year 2020. Even after this, Biden chose him as his vice-presidential candidate. Not only this, reports of tension between both the sides are common after the victory. Many of his high profile employees have left in recent times. Even after Biden and Kamala Harris came together a few days ago and became president for a few hours, the market is still rife with speculation about the succession between the two sides. It was also said that Biden can also remove Kamala Harris from the post of Vice President. The Washington Post said, “If Biden doesn’t contest, no clear contender may come forward in the primary election.” Kamala Harris has been considered a contender for Biden, but many Democrats do not like her. In such a situation, discussion has started on the names of candidates other than Kamala in the party for not contesting Biden’s election.


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