America under tension due to China’s construction work in UAE, said- ‘Dragon’ is building a military base, stop work immediately

Abu Dhabi
China is building a military base in the United Arab Emirates, about which America’s concern has increased. The US Biden administration is pressuring the UAE to halt construction work on the Chinese port project near Abu Dhabi. It is believed that China’s military objectives may be hidden behind this. A Wall Street Journal report revealed this on Friday. According to the report, US intelligence agencies have discovered a huge pit dug for the construction of a big building at Khalifa Port.

The site is located 80 km north of Abu Dhabi where China’s COSCO Shipping Group has built a large commercial container terminal that has started operations. The site is said to have been covered up to evade scrutiny earlier this year. The report, citing unnamed sources, said the US fears China is trying to establish a military presence in the oil-rich country as part of its objectives of gaining global influence through trade deals and vaccine diplomacy.
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UAE said – neither agreement nor intention for ‘military base’
After this report surfaced, a round of meetings and visits of officials in the US has started. At the same time, the White House has warned that China’s military presence could jeopardize relations between the two old allies. Sources say that the UAE government is unaware of the military nature of China’s activity. A spokesman for the UAE embassy in Washington told the newspaper that “the UAE has not negotiated, planned or negotiated nor intended to host a Chinese military base or post of any kind.”

China reaching Gulf countries
China’s embassy in the US has not responded to this. US President Joe Biden expressed concern about China’s growing presence in the country during talks with Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Mohamed bin Zayed in May and August. Biden told MBZ that China’s activity could damage their relationship. China is trying to strengthen its reach among the Gulf countries. China is playing the role of a partner for almost every country in the region, as well as advancing infrastructure projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia, and strengthening Iran’s ties.


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