America: Republican Senator lifts ban on selection of US ambassador to India, but will vote against nomination

The post of US Ambassador in India vacant for about 10 months (US ambassador to India) But the possibility of a new appointment soon increased when the Joe Biden administration decided to lift the ban on the nominated leader. Top Republican MP Chuck Grassley (Senator Chuck GrassleyEric Garcetti for the post of US Ambassador to IndiaEric Garcetti) withdrew his nomination, although he said he would vote against his nomination in the Senate.

Investigators in the office of Republican lawmaker Chuck Grassley were investigating what Eric Garcetti knew about political adviser Rick Jacobs’ unfair treatment of women and men in and around City Hall. Eric Garcetti is currently the mayor in America and during this he has visited India several times. He also studied for a year to learn Hindi and Urdu languages.

‘Nominations are being removed after the completion of the investigation’

A statement issued Tuesday by the senator’s office said, “After the investigation is complete, the bar on Garcetti’s nomination is being lifted. However, in light of what has emerged, Grassley has decided to vote against his nomination.”

If the Senate approves Eric Garcetti, 51, he will replace Kenneth Juster, who was the US ambassador to India during the previous Donald Trump administration.

Eric Garcetti is currently the mayor of Los Angeles. US President Joe Biden nominated Garcetti as the country’s ambassador to India in July last year. But during an internal investigation, the confirmation of Mayor Garcetti’s name was barred, leaving America’s top diplomatic post considered very important in India vacant.

First black woman on Federal Reserve’s board after 108 years

Garcetti has been the mayor of Los Angeles since 2013 and has traveled to India several times. He has also studied Hindi and Urdu language for about a year.

Meanwhile, the US Senate on Tuesday confirmed the appointment of economist Lisa Cook to a member of the Federal Reserve’s board of governors. She is the first black woman to join the board in its 108-year history.

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