America: Protests against abortion rights continue, supporters protest by taking out marches and rallies

Abortion rights advocates, who have been protesting by taking out hundreds of marches and rallies in the US, have feared that the Supreme Court will deny the constitutional right to abortion.Abortion rights), which has been in place for almost half a century. They fear that this could affect women’s reproductive rights. They are outraged after a draft leaked which indicated that the court’s conservative majority bench in the historic ‘Roe v. Wade’ (Roe vs Wade) can reverse the decision. Activists on Saturday stressed the need to unite immediately as the Republican-led state prepares to impose tougher restrictions.

Thousands of supporters gathered to listen to speeches before marching towards the Supreme Court amid rain in the capital Washington. Samantha Rivers, 64, a federal government employee, said, ‘I can’t believe that even at this age, I have to protest on this issue.’ Another woman, Caitlin Lohr (34), said, ‘I think women should have the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies and their lives. I don’t think banning abortion will stop abortion. This will just make things unsafe and women’s lives may be in danger. At the same time, anti-abortion protesters said, ‘Abortion is not a matter of health care because pregnancy is not a disease.’

Last week also there were demonstrations in many cities of the country

Protesters demanding abortion rights took out rallies in many cities of America last week as well. Protesters pledged to continue fighting in support of abortion to ensure that abortion remains a legal option for women across the country. Hundreds of people gathered in Chicago, Atlanta, Houston and other cities in support of abortion rights. The demonstration came at a time when US Supreme Court opinion was leaked to the public, suggesting that the court was ready to overturn the 1973 Roe v Wade case, which legalized abortion nationwide. (

‘It is a matter of thinking what women can and cannot do’

Courts Matter Illinois President Carol Levine told WMAQ-TV during a rally in Chicago, “It’s a matter of thinking that people still want to control what women can and can’t do.” Illinois Governor JB Pritzker took part in the rally and pledged to protect reproductive rights in the province. Protesters opposing abortion also demonstrated on the street. In Atlanta, protesters campaigned for abortion rights and marched through the center of the city. The protesters were shouting slogans, ‘Neither church nor state, only women will decide their fate’.