America: President Biden expressed grief over the shooting incident in Chicago’s Highland Park, said – I will not stop fighting the epidemic of gun violence

US President Joe Biden (Joe Biden) has expressed grief over the shooting incident in Highland Park, Illinois. He said that on the occasion of Independence Day, I am shocked to hear this incident. He said that I have engaged federal law enforcement agencies to assist in the immediate search of the shooter. us President Said that I recently signed the Gun Reform Act. But much remains to be done. I will not stop fighting the gun violence epidemic. At least 6 people were killed and 24 people were injured in this firing during the Independence Day parade. Police are searching for the suspected attacker.

It is being told that he fired from the roof of a building. It is being told that he is a white man, who is wearing a white and blue T-shirt. Highland Park Police Commander Chris O’Neill urged people to move to safer places. At the same time, Lake County Major Crime Task Force spokesman Christopher Coveli said in a conversation with the media that the attacker fired a rifle from a roof at the participants of the parade and that rifle has been recovered. However, it is not known from which building’s roof he fired.

Joe Biden said – Shocked to hear this incident

Many dead bodies were seen covered in blood

Koveli said police believe only one shooter carried out the attack. Witnesses said they saw blood-soaked bodies covered with blankets and hundreds of people running for their lives. According to media reports, the parade started at around 10 am, but was stopped after 10 minutes as soon as the firing took place. Of the hundreds of people attending the parade, some were seen covered in blood. They fled leaving their chairs, children’s belongings and blankets there.

America’s gun culture is very old

Let us tell you that America’s gun culture is as old as the Constitution of America. Keeping this in mind, US President Joe Biden signed the Gun Reform Act. This law has been brought after the increasing incidents of shoot outs in America. In the Second Amendment of the US Constitution in 1791, all citizens were given the right to own a gun. A large number of people in America have guns. He fires whenever he wants to. Many people lose their lives.

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