America killed Al-Qaeda’s dreaded terrorist Al-Zawahiri Kama-Tamam with Flying Ginsu missile, know what is its specialty

al Qaeda Chief and most wanted terrorist Ayman al-zawahiri The US was eliminated in Kabul, Afghanistan. He was killed in a drone strike. This is a great achievement for America. Because Zawahiri had carried out many terrorist incidents and he was being searched for a long time. It is being told that to kill Zawahiri, the US has used a missile that only attacks the target.

The missile used to kill Zawahiri was RX9 Hellfire missile. It is a warhead-less missile. It is used for precision and precision target attacks. The beauty of the RX9 Hellfire missile is that this missile only damages the target. This missile does not explode. Not only this, the RX9 missile is mostly used to target the terrorists hiding in the house or the terrorists moving in the vehicle. America has used this missile in Afghanistan before. This missile has also been used a lot in Syria.

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