Woman arrested at US-Canada border will have to have her hand partially amputated

New York, Jan 22 (PTI) Two of the seven Indians, who were illegally residing in the US and arrested from the US-Canada border, were seriously injured due to ‘frostbite’ and one of them was the hand of a woman. Partially cut off.

This information came to light from a document presented in the court. A criminal petition was filed in a Minnesota court on Thursday against 47-year-old US citizen Steve Shand. Shand is accused of human trafficking. Shand was arrested on January 19 at the US-Canada border for cross-bordering two Indians who were living illegally in the US.

The said two Indian nationals have been identified as ‘SP’ and ‘YP’ in the complaint document. The complaint also said that during Shand’s arrest, five Indian nationals who were illegally residing in the US were arrested.

Meanwhile, the document also revealed that three separate incidents of human trafficking took place in the past month along the US-Canada border, where authorities this week arrested seven Indians and recovered the bodies of four others. The above incidents of smuggling took place on 12 January 2022 and last year on 12 December and 22 December.

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