Two Canadians killed, one injured in shootings in Mexico

Mexico City, Jan 22 (AP) Two Canadians were killed and one injured in a shooting at a hotel off Mexico’s Caribbean coast on Friday, police said. State officials gave this information.

Quintana Roo State Security Chief Lucio Hernandez said on Twitter that officials were searching for a guest who had stayed at Hotel Excaret in connection with the gunfight. He shared a picture of a man carrying a gun in his hand.

Officials said all three people injured in the firing were taken to hospital but two people died.

Quintana Roo’s state prosecutor’s office said on Twitter that the suspect in the shooting was also apparently a guest of the hotel and that Canadian police informed them that he was a known criminal with a long record of robbery, drug and weapons offenses against him. Is. The office said both the deceased also had criminal records.

This is a new incident of violence in Mexico’s famous tourist destination Maya Riviera.


Neha Prashant


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