Russia-US Tension: America ready to answer Russia in Europe, Pentagon puts 8500 soldiers on high-alert

Washington: The clouds of war are hovering between Russia and Ukraine. Every day there are reports of military preparedness from both sides. The western country America is playing a big role in this conflict in Eastern Europe. The US Defense Ministry, the Pentagon, has said that if the security situation in Europe worsens, NATO will activate its response team, for which about 8,500 American soldiers have been put on alert in the US. Meanwhile, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has sought to calm Western fears over the Ukraine crisis after talks with US Secretary of State Antony Blinken. Borrell said on Monday that we should avoid dangerous reactions. NATO forces have been placed on standby after tensions erupted over Russia’s military build-up near Ukraine and ships and fighter jets have been sent to bolster Eastern Europe’s defenses.

No orders for deployment of troopsPentagon spokesman John Kirby said during a news briefing on Monday that Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin has put 8,500 troops on high alert to assist NATO forces to defend Ukraine. He said that at present no posting orders have been given. NATO has issued a statement saying that it has put allied forces on alert. NATO has warned that its siege will be further strengthened if Russia continues to escalate military tensions along the Ukrainian border.

NATO forces on standbyNATO has said that over the past several days, its member states have clarified their position regarding military deployment in Eastern Europe. There are also many countries that have kept their warships, fighter aircraft and land forces on standby to strengthen the NATO response forces. If needed, these troops and weapons can be deployed in Eastern Europe. America has warned that Russia will pay a heavy price if it attacks.

Russia warns to withdraw NATO weaponsOn the other hand, Russia has also made it clear that if NATO weapons are not removed from Ukraine, then anything can happen. The gathering of Russian troops on the Ukrainian border and the growing power of the Russian Navy in the Black Sea has terrified the whole world. That is why the US-led military organization NATO has deployed F-35, F-16 fighters, soldiers and warships in Eastern Europe to protect Ukraine. These deployments have been done in different countries located near Russia.

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