Joe Biden Video: What did the reporter ask that Joe Biden lost his temper? ‘Abused’ the mic

Washington: US President Joe Biden is known for his easy-going nature with the media. His supporters describe this as the exact opposite of Trump, who often got involved with journalists at press conferences. But during a press conference on Monday, Biden also lost his cool. He used ‘slang’ on the mic during a White House photo session for a Fox News reporter. As all the reporters were leaving the hall after the talks, a Fox News reporter asked Biden if inflation was a political obligation. It is being claimed that Biden was unaware that his mic was still on. He replied tauntingly to the reporter, ‘It’s a great asset.’ He then used ‘slang’ for the journalist in a murmur which was clearly heard on the mic.

‘People say it’s not true’A reporter in the hall at the time said that he could not hear clearly what Biden said because of the noise. If you’re curious to know how Biden responded to Fox News’ Peter Ducey, you can watch the video of the press conference, he said. Ducey later revealed his humiliation during an interview on Fox. He said that no one has investigated the incident yet and people say that it is not true.

Trump used to treat the media badlyPresident Trump before Biden was known for his poor treatment of the press. In August 2020, when an Indian-American journalist posed a sharp question directly to Trump, he looked around and then asked another journalist to question. The journalist asked Mr. President, ‘After three and a half years do you have the slightest regret for all the lies you have told the people of America?’ Trump was stunned at this and asked in the style of not being able to hear the question- ‘What all?’ To this the journalist repeated, ‘All lies, all deceptions?’ On this, Trump again asked- ‘Who did it?’ So the reporter directly replied- ‘You did.’ After hearing this, Trump stuck for a while and then asked another journalist to question.

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